This weekend, David and I went on a crazy cleaning spree. We had boxes of who-knows-what stacked in closets, stuffed under the beds, and crammed in the attic. It was time to purge. For an entire Saturday we unloaded and loaded boxes, rearranged furniture, and hauled stuff to the trash or the donation center.


And I learned there is a reason it’s called “Spring Cleaning”.


Because only idiots carry a thousand pound IKEA dresser down a wobbly outdoor staircase in 100 degree weather… In case you didn’t know, Summer cleaning in Texas is probably an exact replica of Hell. To my fellow procrastinators, spare yourself. Clean in the Spring!


Needless to say, by the end of our cleaning spree I was sweaty, exhausted, and thirsty! Not just “I could use a drink” thirsty, I was deathly, ferociously in need of cold liquid. It felt like the heat had traveled down my throat and shriveled up my insides. I could barely see straight and my head was pounding due to minor dehydration.


So, naturally, we stopped by 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp of Diet Coke.


I know… I might as well have chugged milk! The bubbly liquid was cold, but not at all what I needed! In fact, it made me feel much worse. Water is the only thing that truly satisfies in those kinds of situations.


I have a confession—when it comes to my spiritual life, I’ve been guzzling Diet Coke too.


Lately, I’ve been feeling thirsty deep in my soul, like something absolutely vital is missing. You see, this season of my life has been exceptionally busy. As the 60-hour workweeks roll by, I’ve noticed myself become increasingly more dehydrated and emotionally exhausted.


Until finally I’ve fallen into this dark place where even great days feel dull and flat. I’m snappy with David and impatient with strangers at the grocery store. I’m mopey one minute and downright mean the next. I’m uninspired and unmotivated (hence the writers block lately…) and no matter what I do, I wake up feeling empty, defeated, and exhausted.


Do you know the feeling, friend? Some people call it a funk or the blues or even depression.


I pray that you are walking through a very different season—one filled with giggling, long walks on the beach, and Eskimo kisses. But, if by chance, you are overwhelmed with life too, I hope you will learn from my mistakes…


Here’s where I messed up…


When I’m feeling down, I tend to focus on things I can control. I work harder and run faster. I eat less and work out more. I buy things and rearrange furniture.


I chug milk when what I really need is Holy Water.


But, here’s what I learned…


Christ is the only thing that truly satisfies—not check marks on my to-do list or new sundresses or even vacation. When we forget everything else and run to Him, He will quench our thirst, even in the darkest seasons.


“My soul finds rest in God alone…” Psalm 62:1


It won’t always be immediate. Like how a brittle, old sponge requires messaging under a flowing faucet to learn how to be spoungey again—I’m learning to be patient with my heart as it re-tunes itself to hear His voice.


“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1

The first prayer or quiet time after a season of “milk chugging” is almost always uncomfortable. That’s okay. The Lord is never distant, even though we might feel that way. He is waiting to fill us up with His great love and endless grace like a cold, refreshing glass of water.


Let’s forget the cheap substitutes and drink up the Good Stuff. Cheers!






  1. Good stuff, Morgan. thanks, as always, for your honesty. It’s refreshing (pun intended).

  2. Heidi Eseke

    Darling, I love your transparency, your encouragement to others and your faithfulness to return to the spring that gives life. You continue to bless me with each writing. I love you!

  3. Mimi

    Hi Morgan. I’ve missed your blog. Glad to see you back on line.
    Your young outlook on life and on the Word opens a new perspective even for an old woman like me.

  4. Loved this post. I often find myself trying to quench my thirst with things like marking items off my to-do list, going shopping, or eating ice cream in front of the TV. Thanks for the reminder that my thirst can only be satisfied through Christ.

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