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Why You Should Start Mentoring (And Why It’s Not As Hard As You Think)

I don’t know about you but I love to be mentored.


Women like Juli, Sherry, Jennifer, Sharon, and Diane have invested in me in ways that have changed the trajectory of my life. The opportunity to be mentored by Godly women satisfies a thirst in my soul and energizes my walk with the Lord.


But the idea of mentoring someone else is slightly terrifying.


While being mentored brings me confidence and clarity, the act of mentoring often brings insecurity and questions.


Why would someone want to be mentored by me? I still have so much room to grow. I don’t have anything to offer a younger woman. I’m not really equipped for mentorship.


Thankfully my passionate friend Steph, founder of Legacy Living Ministries, taught me that mentorship is actually pretty simple. Like Jesus chose His disciples, we are asked as Christ-imitators to chose a few to intentionally invest in—just a few, not a hundred. (Matt. 28:19)


And like Christ did, we are asked to:



That’s it.


No seminary degree in counseling or background in youth ministry required. All you need is a Bible, a listening ear, and the willingness to be vulnerable about your story with someone else.


There is no requirement to have a spotless past or perfect life—just a heart that is chasing after God and a younger woman who wants to listen.


Annie Downs calls it trailblazing.


Her word choice reminds me of winters in Utah at my parent’s house. My family loves to snowshoe. And often during holidays we find ourselves flopping our tennis-racket looking shoes through the trails on the fresh powder—dad always leads while my mom, sister, and I follow like big-footed ducklings.


As my Dad hikes, his shoes pack down the powder, making it easier for my mom to navigate the trail behind him. He’ll sometimes pause to point out uneven places on the path or to pull an overgrown branch back so she can pass with out getting smacked in the face. And Mom, packs down the trail a little more for me, and in turn I do the same for my sister.


Alright, let’s be honest—sometimes I let the branch go at just the right time so it flings snow all over my little sister’s face. (What are else are big sisters for, right?)


Just like hiking, no matter your life stage or situation, you are blazing a trail for someone else.


I know I desperately need older women in my life to guide me as I figure out how to balance faith, family, and work in this season of life. I need to know how they did it, what they learned, and what God taught them during that season in their life.


I also know there are women behind you (and me) who need our help as they hike similar paths we’ve already experienced.


But I wonder how often we are letting those behind us trip because we are too busy or insecure to turn around and point out the rocks on the trail?


Maybe she needs to know how you navigated college without abandoning your faith.


Or how you survived your first real heartbreak.


Or maybe she is desperate for guidance as she struggles with singleness or job searching or a death in the family—desperate to talk to another woman who has been there before.


Is there a woman in your life who needs you to turn around and hold the branches back on the trail?


Will you share life, share prayer, and share God’s Word with her?


“Even when I’m old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty act to all who are to come.”

Psalm 71:18

P.S. Here’s a extra little treat… Check out this spoken word piece on discipleship by my super talented friend Aasha Golar:

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