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Surviving The Dreaded Performance Review

  I cried through the whole thing.   Of course, I attempted to do it in a sophisticated way like Audrey Hepburn at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, standing gorgeously in the rain clutching her nameless cat. But I’m sure I wasn’t sophisticated. My tears were ugly and big, and broken up by awkward
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How To Find Christmas Joy When Everything Feels Heavy

Y’all, I’m so excited—Christmastime is here! Texas is finally chilly enough to drape ourselves in cozy sweaters and sip peppermint mochas out of controversial red cups. The streets are twinkly with Christmas lights and stores are humming with Christmas music. Don’t you just love it?!   Last year at this time I wrote about how my
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When Life Doesn’t Go The Way You Planned

This weekend, David and I spent time out at the lake with eight of our best friends. Over the course of the weekend, we all took turns sharing our stories. We talked about what we were like as kids and the dumb things we did in college. With shaky voices we shared about the difficult things that
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