To me, this is much more than a blog. It is a gathering place. Its a cozy couch where we can kick off our heels after a long day and talk about real life. This is a place for girlfriends who are trying to figure out how to pursue a strong faith, healthy relationships and a thriving career. I’m so glad you are here!


But before we go too far, let me introduce myself…

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Hey there! I’m Morgan. I’m head over heels in love with Jesus and my husband David. Growing up I always wanted to work in a church, but when I graduated college I discovered I genuinely love the corporate world. I’m learning ministry can happen anywhere, especially in the workplace. My current role as Marketing Manager at Credera, keeps me challenged and always on my toes. One of my favorite part about my job is facilitating our Strategic Forum program. Because of this program and my involvement with Elevate Culture I have the opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders every day. I can’t wait to share with you what God is teaching me through their leadership, advice, faith and examples!


While I love my job and feel settled with great friends in Dallas now, that wasn’t always the case. After graduating college from the University of Oklahoma, it felt like the real world slapped me across the face! Every thing changed at once. No longer were my besties in a 5-mile radius. And all the flexibility I had in my college schedule was now monopolized by an 8 to 5 job—a job with performance standards I was still learning and people I didn’t understand. The transition was difficult to say the least.


Thankfully God has blessed me with several great mentors and more than a few “teachable moments” (a.k.a. redeemed mistakes) that have helped me grow tremendously during this season. Still, I regularly have talks with my girlfriends that go something like this: “How the heck do you balance it all? I mean, how do you diligently pursue the Lord and love your husband well and keep up with friends and excel at work and maintain a somewhat regular workout regime….?”


This adulting stuff is hard, y’all! Let’s dig into God’s Word together and figure out how to pursue a strong faith, healthy relationships and a thriving career in this stage of life!


A few more tidbits if you’re interested…

  • David and I live in Dallas, Texas but love to travel. Thankfully we lucked out—my parents live in the mountains of Park City, UT and his parents live at the beach in Maui, HI! Not bad places to visit.
  • I graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) and loved every second of living in the Theta house with my best friends.
  • We are endlessly grateful for our friends at community at Watermark Church and love serving in Watermark’s premarital ministry (Merge) and the grief recovery ministry for children and teens (Shift).
  • I have  serious addiction to ClassPass, Anthropologie, vanilla mistos at Starbucks and Sprinkle’s red velvet ice cream!
  • I am passionate about mentorship and discipleship. Because of the generous, godly people who have invested their time and wisdom in me, I am always eager to do the same for those a few steps behind me in life.
  • I regularly put my foot in my mouth, burn things in the toaster oven (poor David), and I get a serious case of the giggles when I’m too sleepy.
  • Lately I’ve grown passionate about the unborn and have a dream to see a complete shift in public sentiment regarding value of life.  Currently I’m working on a project called The Life Center with a few friends. Our goal is to create the world’s foremost center of influence on life issues. If you are interested in learning more on this topic, I’ve love for you to reach out!