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This week I’m excited to share a blog written by one of my dear friends, Stephanie Kaihoi. Stephanie and I share a passion for equipping women of all generations to fulfill the call of discipleship. She is the founder of Legacy Living Ministries and will be in Dallas on November 20th to lead a mentorship training! If you’re in Dallas, I’d love for you to join us!

“Mentoring” is a word that freaks people out.

People don’t feel like they have anything to offer. People also don’t want to be seen as a project or in need of help. However, I’ve never been more convinced of the need for others to know and live out Jesus’ model for mentoring than now. People want to make a difference in this world and Jesus’ model for mentoring is the key to make that happen. Another word for mentoring is discipleship. Ah, yes, discipleship – another word that freaks people out. We hear the word often thrown around in church circles, but do we actually know how to live this out in our lives? Jesus chose to do life with a few. He laughed, talked, processed life and shared meals with a few. He invited these individuals to tag along and see Him interact with his family, strangers and those within the community. He shared God’s truth with them and prayed with them. These three areas (share life, share God’s Word and share prayer) marked Jesus’ life. Sure, He healed the masses and taught to thousands, but His few disciples were always there with Him – front row seats. He was investing in them even when they were just “tagging along.” Jesus discipled a few, and with those few He changed the world. This is a model worth following! When Jesus left the world, He didn’t end His last conversation with the masses. He had His last conversation with those few. In this conversation, He said to them as you go on in your life, “make disciples…teaching them everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, even to the very end of the age” (See Matthew 28:18-20).


I can’t disciple hundreds, but right now I can consistently share life, share God’s Word and share prayer with one or two in my life. We eat meals together because I have to eat anyways, right? When I have to run an errand, I call them up and ask if they will join me. When my church is having a “serve” night for the community, I ask them to come along with my family and me. While we are sharing life with each other, we talk about a lot of things: what’s going on in their week, how their friendships and family relationships are going, how their job is going, if they feel connected to their spouse, what God is teaching them, etc. Each week, we take time to also read God’s Word and pray together.


So, what is holding you back? Is there a younger woman in your life that you know and connect with – and could intentionally give them access to your life? What are rhythms of your week that you can invite them to tag along? I would rather invest in one person and make a significant impact on their life, such that they would want to invest in another’s life later on, who will then invest in another’s life, who will then invest in another’s life…than choosing to spread my life too thin by too many activities and serving opportunities that I am only left to then wonder, “What is this all for anyways? Am I really making a difference? Am I really making an impact?”


There may be another obstacle you will have to hurdle when you start thinking about inviting 1 or 2 people into your life on a more intentional basis. It’s the question we have all asked, “What do I have to offer to another person?” Well, you have a lot to offer. You have experiences to offer to someone who is curious to know how you handled life in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. Whatever age you are, don’t be mistaken – you have life experience to offer to someone else, and in the process you will learn a great deal from them too. These relationships must be mutually life-giving and mutually beneficial. People want you to be real. People want you to be honest. Someone is looking for you to provide a safe place for them to process life, faith, marriage, family, etc. One of the joys of sharing my life with someone is realizing that the good, great, bad and ugly parts can be redeemed when shared with someone else who will learn from them and not repeat the choices I regret. This helps me mentor with no regrets.


If you are interested in this topic and live in Dallas, then we want to personally invite you and your friends to register for the Mentoring With No Regrets Training that’s happening on Friday, November 20 @ 7PM. Our ministry team has felt called to bring this training to the Dallas area and we are so excited to welcome you. This intergenerational training is for all women, no matter what stage or season of life (typical age range is 16-90!). Early-bird registration ends November 8, so register today! The topics include how to see the activeness of God in your everyday life and how your story can become your ministry. For more information and to reserve your spot today, please visit

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Stephanie Kaihoi graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2007. In 2009, she founded Legacy Living Ministries. She loves ushering people into an active love relationship with Jesus and finds it an honor to offer biblical and practical resources to women of all ages. Stephanie treasures time alone with Jesus, being with people, mentoring young women, teaching God’s Word, serving in her local church, learning Spanish as a second language, and most of all enjoying a weekly date night with her husband, Trevor, of 9 years. They reside in Northeast Minneapolis, MN.

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